Capacity Building

The Statewide Capacity Collaborative (SCC) is a collective movement among funders to invest in efforts to strengthen the systems, structures, skills, and people of nonprofits and the nonprofit sector in Washington State. We work together based on the belief that collectively, we can have greater programmatic impact by strengthening the nonprofit ecosystem.

Our definition of capacity building:

The process of building the systems, structure, and skills, and investing in the leadership that nonprofit organizations need to succeed.

Creating stronger nonprofits and communities

Our region’s nonprofits are working hard every day to meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable people. The health and prosperity of our communities depends on vibrant, effective, and sustainable nonprofit organizations to provide life-enriching programs and services in health, youth development, education, arts, the environment, and other areas.

To achieve the greatest impact and best program outcomes, and to build sustainability for the future, our region’s nonprofits need the ability to invest in themselves. That’s where capacity building comes in, providing support to nonprofits not through programmatic funding, but through investment in the systems, structures, skills, and people that are critical to success.

We invite all nonprofits and funders to join the growing movement of organizations who are seeing proof of the success of their capacity building efforts.

How do funders support capacity building?

Supporting nonprofit capacity building is a vote of confidence in the organization’s mission, work, and commitment to strengthening and sustaining the health of their organization. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Capacity building takes many shapes—general operating support, capacity building grants, or providing technical assistance—and addresses unique organizational needs to ensure we have strong nonprofits that can have greater impact in our communities.