Leadership Development

In November 2017, the Statewide Capacity Collaborative (SCC) announced a co-design initiative to support nonprofit leadership in partnership with a diverse group of individuals from across the state. In recognition that until we’ve achieved a sector-wide culture shift toward viewing leadership development as a strategic priority, we need to work together to make it our norm.

The SCC recognizes the nonprofit sector is vital to the well-being of our state, and in order to have a thriving sector, we need to invest in the people leading the teams, organizations, and movements making positive change. In 2016, the SCC released the Washington State Leadership Scan – an effort to explore what resources are needed around leadership development and understand bright spots. The scan’s findings reinforced our belief that investments in nonprofit leadership development are critical to ensuring the long-term resiliency of our sector.

The SCC recognizes there are various paths to developing leaders and strengthening the leadership pipeline. We also know that grantmaking comes with inherent power dynamics. Thus we’re committed to working with the Design Team, and leaders like yourself to explore how best to support emerging leaders, rural leaders, leaders of color in the nonprofit sector.

We’re inviting you, and other leaders who have insights into the unique leadership challenges within the nonprofit sector to attend an Open Space event this Spring. Please join us, and share with your networks.

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