Leadership Scan

Washington State Leadership Scan Released!

The Statewide Capacity Collaborative (SCC) is a partnership effort among funders to invest, align and pool resources to build the capacity of the nonprofit ecosystem in Washington State.

In 2015, the SCC commissioned a leadership scan of Washington state’s nonprofit sector with an interest in understanding how to best develop and support strong nonprofit and community leaders. The SCC partnered with CompassPoint to explore what resources are needed to further develop the skills required to lead the teams, organizations and movements making positive changes in our region.

The SCC is now pleased to share the results of our inquiry

The SCC is committed to taking action by investing in opportunities this report has identified. As we decide on specific goals, initiatives and areas of investment, we will post them here on our website.

We challenge every funder and service provider who supports the nonprofit sector in Washington to join us in allocating resources and designing solutions to bridge the gaps identified in this report. The members of the SCC are taking a stand, lending a voice and investing more. We urge you to join us.

We look forward to engaging in conversations around the state about the importance of developing and supporting leadership in new ways to keep our sector vital and healthy. To learn about our current efforts and upcoming regional conversations, click here. 

Below are blog posts written by members of the SCC, in hopes of sparking a conversation around leadership development and the investments that can best support the capacity of nonprofits in Washington. We encourage you to read the leadership scan as well as the corresponding blog posts below and think about the implications for the sector and our state.