SCC Members

Foundation members of the SCC include:

  • Ballmer Group
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Campion Foundation
  • Cedarmere Foundation
  • Group Health Foundation
  • Medina Foundation
  • Satterberg Foundation
  • Sherwood Trust
  • Seattle Foundation
  • Social Venture Partners

Social Venture Partners serves as the convenor of the SCC. To learn more about our work together, please contact Zamzam Abdulgani at or Mike Quinn at

Shared beliefs that guide our work:

  • We can do more together than any of our individual organizations can do alone.
  • We serve as strong advocates for the nonprofit sector, a sector that includes service providers, grantseekers, and grantmakers.
  • We recognize that local needs and solutions may look different across the state and require unique support.
  • We value transparency about our efforts and investments in order to continuously learn from our collective and individual successes and challenges.
  • We openly acknowledge and discuss the inherent power dynamics in our work, considering the impact and influence of our process and actions.

Actions we will employ:

  • To leverage both our financial and human capital as we all benefit from the diversity of resources, time and connections we each bring to the table.
  • To invest in the advancement of strategies that will realize long-term impact for the sector. At the same time, we aim to balance this with the need for flexible and responsive dollars for new ideas and approaches.
  • To share and replicate promising practices when appropriate and welcomed.
  • To encourage other funders – corporate, public and individual – to join our efforts.